First-of-its-Kind Contact Lens Coming April 1

The first ever contact lens that will darken outdoors and lighten when indoors is coming this April 2019. The Acuvue Oasys with Transitions will be a two-week disposable lens that will darken edge-to-edge in bright light, possibly eliminating the need for sunglasses for most contact lens wearers.

Living Magazine’s Best of Voting Now Open

We would appreciate your vote for Best Optometrist in Arlington/Mansfield/Grand Prairie! Voting is open until March 15 at 12:00 AM. You can vote here:

Mansfield Cares Charity Ball is February 23

Mansfield Cares is the single largest annual supporter of Mansfield’s many active community charities and wellness programs. The organization built and funded the inception of the Caring Place Clinic (which provides free medical, dental, and vision care to those in need) and the Mansfield Food Bank, which now serves as Harvesting International Ministries Headquarters. It also awards […]

Taste of Mansfield to Benefit Caring Place

One of our favorite local organizations is the Linda Nix Caring Place on West Broad Street in Mansfield. The Caring Place offers free medical, dental, and vision services to those in our community who could not afford it otherwise. Mansfield Vision Center supports this effort by providing examinations and eyewear. On November 8 of this year, the Caring […]

Now Offering Optos Technology

At Mansfield Vision Center we are proud to provide Optos screening on every patient, without additional charge. The Optos provides an “optomap” of the inner eye, using scanning lasers to capture a 200-degree photo-like view of the retina in under a second. This allows us to more thoroughly screen every patient for peripheral retinal disease such as retinal tears, […]

Online Eye Exams and Online Glasses/Contacts

There are a few sites on the web now offering online eye examinations. We, and many of our colleagues, have seen grossly inaccurate spectacle and contact lens prescriptions obtained using this technology. In addition, there is no assessment of ocular health, so potential problems like glaucoma, macular degeneration, intra-ocular tumors, and retinal detachments – to name just […]

Caring Place Clinic Special Event November 21

The Linda Nix Family Caring Place Clinic opened in 2003. Operating under the leadership of Mansfield Cares, the clinic provides free medical, dental, and eye care services to members of the community in need. Doctor Cooke and Mansfield Vision Center are proud to be a part of the eye services provided. On November 21 of this year, […]

Four Important Tips for Viewing the Solar Eclipse

Given the vast numbers of Americans able to view the solar eclipse, this eye safety message is critical, and AOA is helping lead that charge. Partnering with the American Astronomical Society (AAS), NASA and others, AOA is helping push this awareness with safe viewing tips. Here are four ways to safely view a solar eclipse: 1. […]

Mansfield Vision Center Voted Best Optometrist by Living Magazine Readers

For the second time, we are honored to have been voted the 2017 Best Optometrist in Arlington/Mansfield by the readers of Living Magazine. We intend to continue daily striving to be a practice of professionalism and friendliness, where patients can come and receive the ultimate in vision care in a relaxed environment. As we have stated many times, we take very […]

Drastic increase in US prevalence of myopia over 30 years

A study in 2009 compared similar data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) for both the time periods of 1971-72 and 1999-2004, as it relates to the prevalence of myopia (near-sightedness, or distance blur) in this country. The methods of data gathering were slightly different in the two time frames, but the 1999-2004 data was […]