How often should I have my eyes checked?

We recommend a full eye examination every year, even if your vision is perfect.  It is important to be sure the eyes remain free of disease.  Equally important is knowing that most retinal diseases are painless; something may be going wrong without you being aware of it until the problem is advanced.

What is a floater?

A floater is a piece of pigment suspended in the gel of the eye, observable in your field of vision, which you cannot look directly at (it “runs away” when you try to).  Floaters can be anything from dot-shaped shadows to squiggly lines.  It is normal for you to get a few more as you age; it is not normal [...]

Am I a candidate for LASIK or lens replacement (Crystallens or Restor implants)?

For LASIK, it depends upon mainly corneal thickness.  Some patients have thin corneas, and that could make them poor candidates.  Extremely nearsighted, far-sighted, or highly astigmatic candidates may not be candidates (their better option would be lens replacement).  Patients with a history of dry eye are poor candidates for LASIK, as the procedure may worsen symptoms.  Diabetics are also considered [...]

What is a visual fields test for?

The visual field test maps out for us your entire field of vision, from the center all the way out to the periphery.  It is a diagnostic tool for many diseases, including glaucoma, optic nerve problems, retinal disease, and even neurological issues between the back of the eye and the vision center in the brain.  Your eye doctor has been [...]

Should I have a picture of my retina taken?

Yes, even if your eyes are healthy, so that we can have a baseline we can always come back and compare to if we see changes.  Patients with healthy eyes should have it done every 3 years or so.  Patients with retinal disease, like diabetics, should have it done annually.

Can I drive after my eyes are dilated?

Yes, for most people asking this question.  You will just want some sunglasses on (and we will give you some paper ones).  There are a few patients who have tried it before and it just makes them too nervous.  If you are in that latter category, or have never had it done, you may want to bring along another licensed [...]

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