What could cause a sudden increase in light sensitivity?

This can be caused by corneal irritation and/or swelling from toxic exposure or contact lens wear complications.  This symptom is also usually the primary one in patients suffering from uveitis, which is an inflammation of the internal eye.  In both cases the eye is usually at least a little red.  In the presence of a quiet, white, and happy eye, [...]

What should I do if I am seeing light flashes?

This could mean a myriad of things, from a benign ocular migraine to a retinal tear or detachment.  The latter are considered ocular emergencies.  This symptom accompanied by a sudden increase in floaters and/or a distorted section of vision in one eye likely indicates a retinal detachment.  Drop everything you are doing and get to your eye doctor; fast intervention [...]

Can you file my eye exam on my medical insurance?

Usually No, with a few exceptions.  There are a few medical plans that cover a routine vision exam, but usually only medical issues like glaucoma diagnosis and management, eye infections, foreign body removal, and the like may be filed on medical.   

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