How often should I have my eyes checked?

We recommend a full eye examination every year, even if your vision is perfect.  It is important to be sure the eyes remain free of disease.  Equally important is knowing that most retinal diseases are painless; something may be going wrong without you being aware of it until the problem is advanced.

Can I drive after my eyes are dilated?

Yes, for most people asking this question.  You will just want some sunglasses on (and we will give you some paper ones).  There are a few patients who have tried it before and it just makes them too nervous.  If you are in that latter category, or have never had it done, you may want to bring along another licensed [...]

Will my eyes be dilated?

They might be.  The doctor will discuss this with you if it is needed or recommended.  As long as the doctor does not feel it is urgent to dilate them the day of the exam, it can be rescheduled for a different day.  We almost never have to dilate just to get the glasses prescription.

What all is tested during an eye exam?

We will test how well you see with and without correction, as well as obtain the optimum prescription for both distance and near vision.  We will make sure both eyes work well together, and that all the muscles controlling the eyes work properly.  The eyes’ pressure will be checked, pupil reactions assessed, and the doctor will take a very careful [...]

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