Cataract Surgery

The Doctors at Mansfield Vision Center work with several area surgery centers to provide diagnosis and follow-up care for cataract removal. Generally speaking, post-operative care is performed the next day by the surgeon, and then by our doctors at Mansfield Vision Center at one week, one month, and three months after surgery. The procedure itself is quite simple, usually around 15 minutes from start to finish, and is performed on an out-patient basis. Patients are usually back to work within a few days, with the only limitation being no heavy exercise or lifting for a couple of weeks. If required, a post-operative spectacle correction can be obtained about a month after surgery.

Modern cataract surgery provides extensive options for post-surgical vision, including standard implants (to correct distance vision, with readers only required after surgery), toric implants (to correct astigmatism; readers will still be required), and accommodative implants (with the goal of permanent near AND distance vision correction – no glasses needed). See the LENS IMPLANTS page for more information.