Eye Wear

At Mansfield Vision Center, we have two points of emphasis on eye wear glasses:

(1) The prescription is precise – both in the exam portion and the cutting of the glasses

(2) The patient is happy – both in the assistance received from the staff in selecting their eye wear and their visual result.

eye-wear DISPLAY

Our job is never complete until both are achieved. We both guarantee and warranty all of our products and services. We tailor our services to the individual, and will help you select a frame that is correct for your face shape and size.

We place no emphasis whatsoever in making glasses in an hour. Our goal is to spend all the time with you that is needed, and give you one-on-one, personalized attention. We prefer to spend more time on your glasses to ensure they are perfect. We prefer to do it right, even if that means it may not be done right now.