Limited English Proficiency Policy

Mansfield Vision Center LLC

Mansfield Vision Center LLC takes all reasonable steps to ensure communications with all the patient not some limited  patients in a manner that the patient can understand and is comfortable with. As required by law, such services will be available for the most common languages spoken in our area, as identified by the Department of Health and Human Services. All such services will be provided to patients at no additional charge as long as provision of such services poses no undue financial hardship on the practice or creates a significant alteration in normal practice operations.

To provide adequate patient education of their rights, Mansfield Vision Center LLC will post the following notifications in the office and on our website.

  • Notice of Non-Discrimination – A statement of our intent to not discrimination against any individual’s access to health care provided.
  • Notification of Language Assistance – A statement to inform patients what language assistance is provided.

Many forms of communication assistance are available. If a patient requests language assistance during their care, Mansfield Vision Center LLC will discuss those specific needs and develop a mutually agreeable plan to accommodate the patient’s needs. Any specific assistance method or requirement requested by the patient will receive the utmost consideration. Mansfield Vision Center LLC reserves the right to reschedule patient care if the need for language assistance was not communicated to the office before the time of the appointment.

Any patient concerns regarding their rights under this policy should be directed to the Office Manager.

All Staff will be trained and continually updated regarding this policy.

Notification of Language Assistance

ATTENTION: If you speak any of the following languages, language assistance services are available from Mansfield Vision Center LLC (free of charge) to you upon request.

Spanish * Vietnamese * Chinese * Korean * Arabic * Urdu * Tagalog * French * Hindi (Farsi)

German * Gujarati * Russian * Japanese * Laotian